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Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy



What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment that helps  you move better  or gives you  relief from pain.  The goal of physical therapy is to preserve, enhance, or restore your movement, physical function and fitness level.


How long will I need physical therapy?

You will need physical therapy until you and your therapist decide you have reached the appropriate functional level.  Your doctor may also monitor your progress.


What should I wear for my session at PT Plus?

Wear or bring comfortable, non restrictive clothing to physical therapy so the therapist can evaluate the injured area and you can stretch more comfortably. Closed toe shoes, preferably sneakers, are recommended.


What should I bring with me?

Bring insurance information, a list of medications you are taking, a physician's referral (if you have one) and any records you have of the injury. If you have already downloaded and completed PT Plus New Patient Registration Form and Medical History Questionnaire, bring them with you. And please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first visit to PT Plus to allow us to help you with your paperwork.


Will I see the same physical therapist each time?

We prefer that you see the same physical therapist for your physical therapy visits so that we can provide you with continuity and consistency of treatment. This also makes it easier to monitor your progress.


How long does each visit last at PT Plus?

Your visit will usually be 30 - 60 minutes long.


How long before I see a difference?

Everyone is different, but how quickly you improve depends on the seriousness of the injury or problem, your level of commitment to treatment in the office and at home, and the continuity of your visits.


Will my insurance pay for this?

Most insurance companies pay for physical therapy, but some have limited coverage. You can call the benefits line on your insurance card to find out what your specific plan covers. We also offer direct payment plans, if needed, or can design an individual payment plan that works best for you.


Do I need a referral from my doctor to receive treatment at PT PLUS?

We do have Direct Access, which means it is not necessary for you to have a physician's referral to receive treatment at PT Plus. However, many insurance companies require a physician's referral, so check with your insurance carrier first.


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