Spinal Care-
Treatment of Neck & Back Injuries

McKenzie Approach to Spinal Care

The McKenzie approach to spinal care is a specialized mechanical and diagnostic therapy system clinicians utilize to treat pain and injuries of the spine. Following a thorough assessment, patients are assigned a treatment classification based on their responses to movement. The three classifications are derangement (i.e. disc pathology), dysfunction (i.e. tight tissues), and postural syndrome. Once the patient's pain source is determined, specific exercises and treatment techniques are performed to assist in alleviating a patient's symptoms. This includes patient generated exercises and if need be, hands on specialized care by one of our trained PT Plus therapists.

Treatment of Neck and Back Injuries

Successful treatment of neck and back injuries involves a multi-faceted approach. It involves an accurate evaluation to determine the source(s) of pain. Trauma, muscular strain and weakness, poor posture, disc injury, arthritis, and ergonomic deficiencies are some of the most common origins of pain. Each condition involves specific and specialized therapies to alleviate symptoms. Our physical therapists use a variety of treatment strategies that can include modalities, joint mobilizations, exercise, and activity modifications. The goals are to eliminate pain and its source and to prevent reoccurrence.


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