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Post Surgery Rehabilitation

After Surgery

Immediately following surgery you may have swelling, pain, stiffness, loss of motion, weakness, decreased function, scar tissue development, and difficulty walking or going up and down stairs. Physical therapy can help to address these issues. The PT Plus staff will help to decrease swelling using one or more of the following: retrograde massage, elevation, instruction in specific exercises to promote blood flow toward the heart, cryotherapy (ice), and other modalities such as ultrasound or electrical stimulation. During your treatment, specific exercises will be provided to perform at home and in the clinic to regain your strength and range of motion. A therapist will help you to regain your motion with passive movements, meaning he or she will slowly move your limb through normal motions. Scar tissue management will also be addressed with transverse friction massage to promote proper realignment of the tissues. Our goals are to help you return to your regular activities, both occupational and recreational.




Physical Therapy Plus CNY of Syracuse can provide post surgery rehabilitation.

Total Joint Replacement

Following a joint replacement, your doctor may refer you to physical therapy. Your therapist will focus on regaining your normal range of motion and strength. Scar management and edema control will also be included. An exercise program will be established to meet your individual needs. You will receive proper instruction of how to walk with an assistive device and will eventually progress to walking independently.


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