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Physical Therapy Session

We treat a wide variety of patients with acute, chronic, and post-surgical orthopedic injuries of the spine and extremities. Our staff's expertise enables us to treat an unlimited range of orthopedic challenges in patients of all ages using techniques that include joint mobilization for stiff and painful joints, soft tissue mobilization, gait analysis and gait training, posture analysis, and comprehensive exercise programs.


At PT Plus our therapists are also knowledgeable about surgical procedures, treatment goals, musculoskeletal anatomy, and are able to tailor their treatments to each unique individual; this helps ensure successful outcomes. Some of the methods used by our orthopedic therapists may include stretching, strengthening and modalities.

Orthopedic Therapy
Treating Joint Stiffness & Pain


Stretching is vital to maintain good range of motion around a joint. Joint stiffness can prevent adequate performance of daily activities. After an injury or surgery, scar tissue forms and needs to be stretched for normal joint function and strength. All of the PT Plus therapists are experienced in a variety of stretching methods that can be tailored to each individual.


Strengthening exercises are performed to help improve the specific function around a joint and for a general increase in endurance and ability to participate more fully in life activities. Our exercise programs may include a series of open-chain, closed-chain and general proprioceptive training exercises.



Frequently, in addition to passive and active exercise treatments, our PT Plus therapists may choose to employ modalities, such as ice or heat to reduce pain, increase circulation and reduce swelling to assist in the recovery process. Sometimes it is helpful to use electrical stimulation to reduce muscle spasm or improve muscle contraction. At times, it is appropriate to use ultrasound treatments when a very deep heating effect is required.



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