Balance Based Torso Weighting or BalanceWear, is an evaluation and treatment system consisting of an assessment or testing process that in turn results in the patient being fitted for a custom designed weighted vest. During the evaluation process the therapist determines in what direction the patient typically has imbalance. It could be consistently forward, backward or to either side. Dependent on these findings the therapist will then strategically place small ( 1/8th, 1/4 or 1/2 lb.) weights into the vest and retest the patient to determine if balance improves.  The therapist and patient will then decide to order a vest with the specific weights needed.

The vest, made of lightweight, breathable material, is easy to use and is worn for the majority of the patient's day as prescribed by the therapist.  The vest is low profile, fits snuggly, and does not limit movement.  Any patient with balance issues or with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, past stroke, Parkinson's or a number of other neurological diseases resulting in imbalance may be a candidate for this vest. Patients typically demonstrate immediate results with balance improvement.


For more information, contact Craig Peterson, who is a  certified BalanceWear therapist. He is located at our Fulton office and can be reached at (315) 593-1740.   If you wish to view more videos of patients being tested and using the vest, please visit


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